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Cosy Up

Cosy Up Multi-Maker - Make Nut, Grain and Seed Milk, Fruit and tea infusions in less than 4 mins, Hot Soup and Hot milk in about 25 mins. In the comfort of your home, without the mess.

Cosy Up Multi-Maker - Make Nut, Grain and Seed Milk, Fruit and tea infusions in less than 4 mins, Hot Soup and Hot milk in about 25 mins. In the comfort of your home, without the mess.

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Experience the versatility of the Cosy Up Multi-Maker, expertly designed for crafting plant-based milk and hot soups, while also mastering the art of creating juices, smoothies, and more.

Product Description and Features:

  • Model: Cosy Up Multi-Maker S4208A
  • Purpose: Craft DIY Plant-Based Milk, Hot Soups, Juices, and Smoothies with ease.
  • Capacity: Ranges from a minimum of 1.3L to a maximum of 1.5L.
  • Power Specifications: Heating at 800W and Motor at 120W, operating at a voltage of 220-240V and 50Hz frequency.
  • Blending Modes: Six distinct modes including Quick Milk, Hot Nut Milk, Smooth Soup, Chunky Soup, Hot Oatmilk, and Hot Soymilk.
  • Safety Features:
    • Boiled Dry Protection: Ensures the pitcher's water level is adequate.
    • Spill Protection: Prevents spillage during simmering.
    • Motor Overheating Protection: Protects the motor from excessive temperatures.

Making Any Plant-Based Milk:

  1. Choose Your Ingredient: Decide on the type of plant-based milk you want to make. This could be from nuts (like almonds or cashews), soybeans, grains, seeds, or oats.

  2. Measure and Rinse: Using the included measuring cup, measure about 120 grams of your chosen ingredient. Even if you're not soaking, it's essential to rinse the ingredients thoroughly to remove any impurities or dust. (While soaking can enhance the creaminess and nutritional profile of some plant-based milks, this quick method is perfect for those short on time or seeking a more straightforward approach.)


Measure, Rinse and Soak: Measure about 120 grams of your desired ingredients using the measuring cup, rinse, and soak in room-temperature water for 4–8 hours.

  1. Add to the Filter Basket: Pour the rinsed ingredients into the filter basket up to the indicated line.

  2. Fill with Water: Fill the Multi-Maker jug with fresh water, ensuring the level is between the min and max lines.

  3. Blending: Connect the top and power cord, then press the mode button corresponding to the type of milk you're making (e.g., "Quick Milk" for a faster process or other milk settings for hot milk).

  4. Serve and Store: Pour your fresh plant-based milk into a glass to serve immediately or store it in a sealed container in the refrigerator. It's best consumed within 2-3 days for optimal freshness.

How to make Hot Soups:

  1. Place all your soup ingredients into the Jug
  2. Add the liquid last, filling up to between the max & min lines marked on the Jug.
  3. Connect the top and power cord, press the mode button to select the desired soup program (e.g., "Smooth Soup" or "Chunky Soup").
  4. Once the program is complete, enjoy your homemade hot soup

Juices and Smoothies:

  1. Add your choice of fruits, vegetables, or other ingredients to the Jug.
  2. Press the "Clean/Blend" button to start the blending mode.
  3. After five minutes, your beverage will be ready to serve and enjoy.

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