Perfect Expresso Martini - Cosy Up Mochatini

Perfect Expresso Martini - Cosy Up Mochatini

At the conclusion of the dinner, savour a drink that has all the elements of a traditional cocktail as well as a distinctive twist. The combination of Cosy Up Mocha Latte, coffee liqueur, and vodka results in a dangerously easy-to-drink espresso martini or mochatini!


Add 30ml of vodka, or 60ml if you're really feeling frisky.

15ml of Coffee Liqueur 

45ml of Espresso or 60ml Cosy Up Strong Mocha Latte

60ml of Cosy Up Mocha Latte (Skip this step if you are using Cosy Up strong mocha in the previous step)

Cosy Up Mocha Latte, two dashes for the top 

How to make a perfect Mochatini: 

Mix the ingredients in a cocktail shaker and mix thoroughly. Espresso beans make a great garnish. Enjoy!

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